Isla Cedros, Mexico

Isla Cedros

Cedros Island is a Mexican island located off the west coast of Baja. It’s called Isla Cedros in Spanish. I started researching this island because its where my mom’s parents were born and raised. I thought it would be fun to plan a trip there and discover some of my family’s origins.

Isla de Cedros was named by Spanish explorers who thought that the large amounts of redwood and cedar-driftwood arriving with the California current were local pines visible on the crest of the island.  I found that Cedros Island has a very small population, 1 hotel and is mostly known for its fishing port. The whole island can probably be explored within one day.

People visiting Cedros Island can eat, hike, snorkel and fish – this island is definitely not a tourist attraction.  You can get to the island by boat or by plane but the seas can get choppy if you are headed there on a boat.

I would like to plan a trip to Baja, Mexcio and to visit Isla Cedros for a day.


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